¡Sufre mamón!. 1987.

  • Director: Manuel Summers
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: David, romantic and lovebird, is a close friend of Javi, a hooligan. Both get expelled from a religious school. They are admitted in to a completely different education system where they will still make trouble. There they meet Dani and decide to form a musical group: "Los Residuos".



  • Producer “G”, M. Summers, F. Lara Polop (Spain)
  • Director Manuel Summers
  • Photography Tote Trenas
  • Art Direction Gumersindo Andrés
  • Edition María Elena Sainz de Rozas
  • Music David Summers
  • Sound designer José Luis Mendieta
  • Casting David Summers, Javier Molina, Daniel Mezquita, Rafael Gutiérrez, Marta Madruga, Gerardo Ortega, Currito, Antonio Gamero, Paco Martín, Pedro Caballero, Guillermo Summers, José Luis Velasco, Fernando Salas, Carlos Lucas, Trina Montaldi, Juan Ballesta, Tomás Zori, Luis Escobar

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