Ley del mar. 1951.

  • Director: Miguel Iglesias
  • Duration: 66 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Antonio, a local farmer from Ibiza, is in love with Margalida, a woman belonging to a family of fishermen. Rafael, the father of Antonio, feels a kind of hostility towards seafarers and does not approve their love. Rafael also intends to marry his son to the heiress of a wealthy farmer. Finally, Rafael will understand that Antonio has to shape his own happiness.



  • Producer Producciones Acor (Spain)
  • Director Miguel Iglesias
  • Photography Jaime Piquer
  • Art Direction Francisco Izquierdo
  • Edition Juan Pallejá
  • Music J. Durán Alemany
  • Casting Isabel de Pomés, Román Bilbao, Félix de Pomés, Robert Le Vigan, Juan Monfort, Mercedes Monterrey, Carmen Cepillo, Juan Moreno, Fortunato García, J. M. Pinillo

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