Spanish Players 2. 2008.

  • Director: Patric C. Taladriz
  • Duration: 87 minutos
  • Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: Many stories for a single name: Spanish Players 2. The adventures from the sequel of the documentary about rap music in Spanish that have continuously awaken interests at each frame, returns to the big screen with a single documentary and this time nobody wanted to miss out ... The search of the Rap identity in Spanish, takes the viewer to the golden ages of the early 90s, the booming age of home made mix tapes.



  • Producer Xclusif Films (Spain)
  • Director Patric C. Taladriz
  • Photography Patric C. Taladriz
  • Edition Patric C. Taladriz
  • Sound designer Julio Matesanz
  • Casting Tego Calderón, Mucho Muchacho, Rapsusklei, Darmo, Ivan Nieto, RdeRumba, Nedman Guerrero, Eric El Niño, Rafael Lechowsk, Demo, Kase O.

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