It’s All Gone Pete Tong. 2004.

  • Director: Michael Dowse
  • Duration: 89 minutos
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Frankie Wilde has made his way to the top of the best DJs in Ibiza. The Island succumbs to the genius. He enjoys a life of glamour until a sudden tragedy hits him. He was born with a degenerative acoustic disorder and he rapidly is becoming deaf, however he is unwilling to accept it. Alcohol and cocaine fill the void in his life that is left by the music. His fans boo him, he loses record label deals and his wife leaves him for another man. Without music, Frankie loses everything he is and has. For him to find purpose again, he will have to learn to feel the music without his ears. How is the question.



  • Producer True West Films (Canada), Vertigo Films (England)
  • Director Michael Dowse
  • Photography Balazs Bolygo
  • Art Direction Emily Straight
  • Edition Stuart Gazzard, Mark Popple
  • Music Graham Massey
  • Sound designer Don Mann
  • Casting Paul Kaye, Beatriz Batarda, Kate Magowan, Mike Wilmot, Neil Maskell, Monica Maja, Pete Tong, Ron Lloyd Hugh Elliston, Dan Antopolski, Tim Plester, Paul Spence, David Lawrence, Steve Oram, Geffen Strummer Kaye, Borja Galban-Fear, S.C. Lim, Sterling Williams, Simon J. Willis, Gideon Gold, Gordon Skilling

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