Cualquiera. 2001.

  • Director: David Marqués
  • Duration: 83 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Being a gray person as he is, Dani is unemployed and wants to be an actor, he is tired of both his girlfriend and best friend. He also criticizes society without doing anything about it.



  • Producer Bocanadas Producciones (Spain)
  • Director David Marqués
  • Photography Antoni Anglada, José Luis Rodríguez
  • Art Direction Yasmina Valls
  • Edition David Marqués
  • Music Juanma Redondo
  • Sound designer Dani Navarro
  • Casting Héctor Montoliu, Eric Francés, Jean-Luc Ducasse, Àngels Escandell, Alberto Garant, Vicente Marqués, Natalia Martínez, Marc Montserrat, Nora Navas, Charo Rodríguez, Anna Ycobalzeta

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