Mama Mia – Nur keine Panik. 1984.

  • Director: Dieter Pröttel
  • Duration: 90 minutos
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Conny Leitner is tired of the extramarital affairs of her husband Bert, a writer of detective novels and womanizer. Conny Bert has determined to end this situation and decides to leave, taking her two teenage kids to her mother's in a Bavarian village. There she meets Paul, one of the kids teachers, who she mistakens for a carpenter. Conny starts to fall for Paul. Meanwhile, Bert has moved to Ibiza and gradually gets tired of his life on the island and starts to miss Conny.



  • Producer Lisa Film and Roxy Film (Germany)
  • Director Dieter Pröttel
  • Photography Franz Xaver Lederle
  • Art Direction Klaus Haase
  • Edition Claudia Wutz, Susan Berthel-Ying
  • Music Bernie Paul, Todd Canedy
  • Sound designer Peter Beil
  • Casting Uschi Glas, Thomas Gottschalk, Helmut Fischer, Erni Singerl, Karl Obermayr, Lilo Molina, Robert Probst, Corinna Genest, Ute Christensen, Kurt Weinzierl, Roger Fritz, Hans-Werner Olm, Kerstin Müller, Michael Metz, Corinna Drews, Markus Kahnau, Jörg Allgäuer, Kurt Felix

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