Apasionados. 2002.

  • Director: Juan José Jusid
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Uma is a beautiful air hostess tired of waiting for the man of her dreams to start a family and decides to be a single mother. After seeking around the world she discovers that Nico, Lucia's boyfriend, meets all her needs. In a continuous flood of hilarious situations, Uma convinces Lucia, Lucia convinces Nico and they reach their goal: to carry out a "simple donation", after which everyone would go on with their own lives as if nothing had happened. But the "simple procedure" suddenly grows in complexity during Uma's pregnancy and feelings that no one expected arise and will transform their lives.



  • Producer Televisión Federal, Patagonik Film Group (Argentina), Alquimia
  • Director Juan José Jusid
  • Photography Porfirio Enríquez
  • Art Direction Margarita Jusid
  • Edition Juan Carlos Macías
  • Music Federico Jusid
  • Sound designer Jorge Stavropulos
  • Casting Pablo Echarri, Nancy Dupláa, Héctor Alterio, Pablo Rago, Natalia Verbeke, Adrián Yospe, Laura Oliva, Camila Fiardi Mazza, Susana Roccasalvo, Diego Pérez, Claudio Morgado, Roberto Catarineu, Carlos Kaspar, Norberto Verea, Alejandro Awada, Daniel Di Biase, Boris Rubaja, Silvina Bosco, Annie Sosa Cordero, Anita Martínez, Paulina Gálvez, Camila MacLennan, Marisol Rolandi, Jorge Varas, José Antonio Romero

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