Real Zombi Revolver. 2005.

  • Director: Adrián Cardona
  • Duration: 79 minutes
  • Genre: Terror
Synopsis: Jack is a farmer turned gunman since the killing of his wife by the hands of Douglas Fox, a ruthless outlaw. Obsessed with revenge, and after 5 years the villain returns. Jack begins the hunt together with his best friend and a bounty hunter of the village. In a showdown with Fox in a cave, an ancient sectarian evil is resurrected, one that had been dormant for many years.



  • Producer Eskoria Films (Spain)
  • Director Adrián Cardona
  • Art Direction Adrián Cardona
  • Edition David Ortiz, Adrián Cardona
  • Music J. Oscura Najera, Jairo Moreno
  • Casting Adrián Cardona, José María Angorrilla, David Ortiz, Vicente Pizarro, Juan Cardona Frit, Sergio Noguera, Joan C. Boned Frit, Alejandro Portaz, David Fernández, Vicent P. “Speisbol”, Francisco Adamuz, Toni Guasch Rosset, Lluis de s’Hort Nou, Juan Tur “Poncho”, Carmen Galindo, J. M. Angorrilla M., Encarni Galindo, Xiquet “Gibert”, Lorena García, Alonso Ortiz, Miguel Era “Malaface”, Jesse García “Legi”, José Agustín Pilligua, Jesús Almirón, Fernando Noguera, Eduardo Solans, Tamara Gallego, Elizabeth Gallego, Den Jiawei, José Manuel Huedo, Sonia Cardona, Laura R. Tierraseca, Sara Castedo, Ana Benito, Fina Linares, Luis Angorrilla.

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