Anthony Zimmer. 2005.

  • Director: Jérôme Salle.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: Anthony Zimmer is an accomplished swindler who is wanted by all policemen around the world. Nobody knows how he looks. However, in the race against those who want to hunt him down, there is someone who has the upperhand. Akerman, a rather peculiar police officer: he knows that Zimmer would risk his life to see Chiara again. One day, she rendezvous with the fugitive, but only receives a message. In order to confuse his pursuers, Zimmer asks Chiara to address a stranger to make everyone believe that the the stranger is the person they're looking for. Chiara spots an, an ordinary man, François, who at first is fascinated by the young, eventually plunges right into a nightmare.



  • Producer Fidélité Films, Alter Films (Francia)
  • Director Jérôme Salle.
  • Photography Denis Rouden
  • Art Direction Laurent Piron
  • Edition Richard Marizy
  • Music Frédéric Talgorn
  • Sound designer Didier Saïn, Pascal Villard
  • Casting Sophie Marceau, Yvan Attal, Sami Frey, Gilles Lellouche, Daniel Olbrychski, Samir Guesmi, Dimitri Rataud, Nicky Marbot, Olivier Chenevat, Alban Casterman, Christophe Odent, Luc Chavy, Richard Delestre, Yann de Monterno, Laurent Klug, José Fumanal, Thierry Humbert, Marc Diabira, Alain Figlarz, Yves Penay, Olivier Brocheriou, Frédéric Vaysse, Christophe Mahoudeaux, Arnaud Duléry, Aurélien Jegou, Gwenaël Clause, Pierre Rousselle, Patrick Jacquet, Valery Novikau, Nicolas Tarev

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