More. 1969.

  • Director: Barbet Schroeder
  • Duration: 117 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Stefan is a German student who hitchhiked to Paris, where he meets Estelle, an American girl he falls in love with. One day, Estelle leaves Paris and Stefan follows her to the island of Ibiza. Here he discovers that she is related to a former Nazi who has a great influence over her. Stefan and Estelle will soon be immersed in the drug scene.



  • Producer Les Films du Lonsange (France), Jet Films (Luxemburg)
  • Director Barbet Schroeder
  • Photography Néstor Almendros
  • Art Direction Néstor Almendros
  • Edition Denise de Casabianca
  • Music Pink Floyd
  • Sound designer Jack Jullian, Robert Pouret
  • Casting Mimsy Farmer, Klaus Grünberg, Heinz Engelmann, Michel Chanderli, Henry Wolf

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