Kombate Brutal. 2002.

  • Director: Adrián Cardona
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Genre: Action
Synopsis: Master Cardona has just lost his only son, who was the heir of a profound knowledge of a long line of fighters. Manolo, his son's best friend, asks Cardona to share all teachings with him in order to keep them alive but also to honor him. After the training, he learns to apply the fighting techniques and he is invited to participate in Brutal Kombat, a legendary and underground tournament where fights are to death.



  • Producer Eskoria Films (Spain)
  • Director Adrián Cardona
  • Photography Tamara Gallego
  • Art Direction Adrián Cardona
  • Edition David Ortiz
  • Music División Criminal
  • Casting Juan Cardona, Vicente Pizarro, José María Angorrilla, David Ortiz, Tamara Gallego, David Vargas, Walker Martins, Adrián Cardona, Sergio Noguera, Carmen Galindo, Miguel Era “Malaface”, Juan C. Boned, Elizabeth Gallego, Den Jiawei, Óscar Moreno, Vicente P. Juan, Encarni Galindo, J. M. Angorrilla M., Sonia Cardona, Luis Angorrilla, Juan Luis Roig, Carol Tur, Javier Gómez “Icewold”, Rafa Arruga, Javier Serrano, Gabriel Maderazo, Sergio Vicedo, Estefan Fernández, Ignacio Muñoz, José Agustín Pilligua, Lilliam Martín “Gabbax”, David Fernández

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