Apasionadas del bosque. 2012.

  • Director: Juan Antonio Roig Francolí
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Genre: Terror
Synopsis: Deep in a forest, at the dawn of the witching hour, a mountain cycler is shot. All hope for him relies on some strange women who live in the forest and a few extraordinary mushrooms.



  • Producer Inmóviles Animados (Spain)
  • Director Juan Antonio Roig Francolí
  • Photography Stefano Corasatti
  • Art Direction Juan Antonio Francolí, Cristina Ferrer, Mayte Martín, Pep Turbo
  • Edition Martin Gala
  • Music Víctor Díez
  • Sound designer Ana Molina “Anatómika”, Fady Khazaal
  • Casting Toni Torres, Paca Sastre, Dolors Corderas, Mariano Romero

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