Ibiza Occidente. 2011.

  • Director: Günter Schwaiger
  • Duration: 86 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: In the Hollywood of electronic music, musicians, DJs, gogos and promoters work on a sophisticated entertainment machine to satisfy the desires, entertainment and freedom of an accelerated Western society. For many, this island is the paradigm of frivolity and fun without limits; however it is also the world capital of electronic music and one of places with the greatest musical creativity in Europe. Each of the "nueve y media historias musicales" represents an aspect of Ibiza, or even of the world. The protagonist of every story is the island, however, above all, the music is her inspiration. Because in Ibiza the music is the cardinal point where all converges.



  • Producer Mosolov-P (Spain), Günter Schwaiger Film (Austria)
  • Director Günter Schwaiger
  • Photography Víctor Martín, Günter Schwaiger
  • Edition Martin Eller, Günter Schwaiger
  • Sound designer Miguel Rejas
  • Casting DJ Alfredo, Manel Aragonés, Ricardo Urgell, Mike y Claire, Ricoloop, Arian Beheshti, Nuwella Love, Toni Gustinet, Álvaro Sánchez, Cristian Varela, Lovely Laura

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