Escuadrón. 1987.

  • Director: José Antonio de la Loma
  • Duration: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Action
Synopsis: Four men specialists in all kinds of martial arts, counter-terrorism activities espionage techniques form a group called "Squadron". This group is hired to protect Kassar, a democratic leader and political refugee in Ibiza who is part of the opposition to the dictator who brutally rules the fate of a country in the Middle East. A violent confrontation will force "Squadron" to use all their weapons.



  • Producer Golden Sun, S.A, Jet Films, In-Cine (Spain), Producciones Esme (Mexico)
  • Director José Antonio de la Loma
  • Photography Juan Gelpí
  • Art Direction Jordi Artigau
  • Edition José Antonio de la Loma Jr
  • Music Joel Goldsmith
  • Sound designer Jaime A. Puig
  • Casting George Kennedy, Andrew Stevens, Isaac Hayes, George Rivero, Louis Jourdan, Simón Andreu, Kevin Bernhart, Hugo Stiglitz, Susana Dosamantes, Kabir Bedi, Robert Foster

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