¿Dónde estará mi niño?. 1981.

  • Director: Luis María Delgado
  • Duration: 87 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Manolo Andujar is a famous Spanish singer who had a love affair for years with a girl named Diana. They met when she was hitchhiking in Ibiza where Manolo acted in a gala. From their love adventure came a child, Lito, whose existence is unknown to the singer as Diana had distanced herself from him even though still loving him. Until one day she decided to visit him and unfortunately suffered a great disappointment since Manolo didn't even remember her. He did not recognize her, but Tano, Manolo's father, remembered the girl of Ibiza and realized that the child was his own grandson.



  • Producer Filmayer Producción (Spain)
  • Director Luis María Delgado
  • Photography John Cabrera
  • Art Direction Gonzalo G. Flaño
  • Edition Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa
  • Music Gregorio García Segura
  • Casting Manolo Escobar, Antonio Garisa, Rafaela Aparicio, Africa Pratt, José Andrés, María Kosti

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