Agost (Eivissa. Cròniques d’un ball). 1975.

  • Director: Francesc Juan
  • Duration: 16 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: This documentary highlights the 70s investigating the so-called "ball pages", a cultural expression, perhaps the most important, Catalunya has inherited from the island of Ibiza.



  • Producer Josep Maria Forn (Espanya)
  • Director Francesc Juan
  • Photography Pere Guasch
  • Edition Sonoblok
  • Music Pere Guasch
  • Sound designer Sonoblok
  • Casting Edit, Concha Rebollo, Virginia Ferrer, Marcos Tur, Eugenio Sentí, Joan Marí, Vicent Pujol, Jaume Serra, Manuel Sorà, Francesc Juan, Joan Marí Tur

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