Mujeres. 1983.

  • Director: Tana Kaleya
  • Duration: 82 minutes
  • Genre: Erotic
Synopsis: Helmut, a lone and seductive sailor abord a small boat reaches an island. There he relives an old love affair with Alexandra, a woman older than him. At the same time, Alexandra's daughter Leá falls in love with Helmut, who also is trying to seduce Chloé and Claire, two friends of the girl who live with her and her mother.



  • Producer Accord Productions, Orphee Arts Transcontinentale Productions (France), Producciones Balcázar (Spain)
  • Director Tana Kaleya
  • Photography Edmond Sechan
  • Art Direction Yves Brover
  • Edition Nicole Berckmans
  • Music Yves Dessca, Marc Hillman
  • Sound designer Juan Quilis
  • Casting Helmut Berger, Alexandra Stewart, Dirke Altevogt, Tina Sportolaro, Eva Cobo

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