Das Gesetz des Clans. 1977.

  • Director: Eugen York
  • Duration: 81 minutes
Synopsis: Pepe Coronado is the director of a successful hotel in Ibiza. He has relations with a mafia clan and after a bad economic streak he decides to kill Anne, his wealthy wife and owner of the hotel, in order to collect the insurance money and pay off his debts to the clan. After killing his wife by electrocuting her and making the crime look like an accident, two investigators from the insurance company move to the island to investigate the incident.



  • Producer CEP (Germany)
  • Director Eugen York
  • Photography Günter Haase
  • Art Direction Herbert Lindenberg
  • Edition Herman Haller
  • Music Hans-Martin Majewski
  • Sound designer Werner Vittiglio
  • Casting Horst Frank, Heidi Brühl, Gert Fröbe, Hellmut Lange, Friedrich Schütter, Ulrich Beiger, Holger Petzold, Brigitte Kollecker, Alexander Stephan, Mady Rahl, Peter Carsten, Horst Hesslein, Jürgen Janza, Wolfgang Borchert, Hugo Miranda, Hanne-Lore Morell

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