3S3, agente especial. 1966.

  • Director: Sergio Sollima
  • Duration: 106 minutos
  • Genre: Action
Synopsis: The American Secret Service sends secret agent 3S3, martial arts specialist, to the island of San Felipe to find out the whereabouts of other agents who haven't reported back. During a stopover in Acapulco, the 3S3 agent meets Lady York, a millionairess friend of General Siqueiros, chief of the revolution in San Felipe. Wishing to present a gift to the general, she instructs 3S3 to transfer a shipment of arms to the island.



  • Producer Cesareo González (Spain), Cineproduzioni Associate (Italy), Les Films Copernic (France)
  • Director Sergio Sollima
  • Photography Carlo Carlini
  • Art Direction Mary Jo Lewis
  • Edition Bruno Mattei
  • Music Piero Umiliani
  • Casting Giorgio Ardisson, Frank Wolff, Evi Marandi, Michel Lemoine, Fernando Sancho, Luz Márquez, Eduardo Fajardo, Leontine May, Claudio Ruffini, Salvatore Borghese, María Granada, Porfiria Sanchíz, John Karlsen

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